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Reading List

Persons interested in the art of bonsai may want to read any of the following books .

Bonsai Techniques 1
John Naka

Miniature Living Bonsai Landscapes, The Art of Saikei
Herb Gustafson

Trees of North America and Europe, A Photographic Guide
Roger Phillips

Index of Plant Diseases
S.A. Alfieri, Jr.

Introductory Bonsai, and the Care and Use of Bonsai Tools
Masakuni Kawasumi

The Japanese Art of Miniature Trees and Lanscapes
Yuji Yoshimura

Bonsai Masterclass
Peter Chan

Bonsai for Americans
George F. Hull

The Art of Driftwood and Dried Arrangements
Tatsuo Ishimoto

Indoor Chrysanthemums
Vera Todd Bayles

Florida Wild Flowers and Roadside Plants
Bell Taylor

Bloody Bonsai
Peter Abresch

Horace Bristol

Welcome to Japan
Clarisse D. Adams

Japanese Flower Arrangement in a Nutshell
Ellen Gordon Allen

Bonsai, Miniature Potted Trees
Norio Kobayashi

Bonsai Design Series, Forest Style (video)
Warren Hill

Japan Bonsai Exhibition 1955
Kenko Rokkaku

Japan Satsuki Exhibition 1976
Kenko Rokkaku

Japan Satsuki Exhibition 1977
Kenko Rokkaku
  • satsuki azalea
  • masahiko kimura styles a yew
  • winter jasmine
  • outstanding American bonsai
  • itoo motohisa styles of white pine the technique of wiring
  • gallery of bonsai masterpieces

  • air layering
  • masahike kimura styles “the dragon”
  • bonsai basics
  • reducing needle size
  • creating dead wood
  • styling white pine
  • styling needle juniper
  • gallery of bonsai masterpieces

  • gallery of bonsai masterpieces
  • masahiko kimura studies plant position
  • leaf pruning
  • minimizing pruning scars
  • sinuous root style
  • trident maple semi-cascade
  • satsuki azalea: drastic pruning

  • thickening trunks
  • beech forest
  • kokufu bonsai show
  • pinching
  • tokonoma
  • gallery of bonsai masterpieces
  • black pine semi-cascade
  • kimura styles a white pine
  • bucida spinosa
  • beech styling and care

  • accent plants
  • kimura styles a literati pine
  • shohin pine and maple
  • Japanese maples
  • transplanting root over rock
  • container selection
  • pinching
  • white pine training
  • pine in a stone container
  • watering

  • buying a bonsai
  • flowing and fruiting bonsa
  • collected prunus mume
  • California juniper dig
  • improving rootage
  • starting a collection
  • grafting
  • root over rock from cuttings
  • tokonoma
  • tool care

  • creation pruning
  • cascade black pine
  • art of bonsai display
  • ficus bonsai
  • styling pine, cryptomeria and zelkova
  • vacation care
  • gallery
  • bunjin ilex from seed
  • classic bonsai pots
  • driftwood

  • propagation techniques: cuttings
  • shohin from cuttings
  • cherry bonsai
  • trident maple forest on a rock
  • zuisho
  • gallery of bonsai masterpieces
  • summer pruning

  • suiseki, landscape stones
  • suiseki gallery
  • zuisho on a rock
  • gallery
  • pine recovery
  • hornbeam group
  • broom zelkova
  • pinching and shaping
  • long term training
  • special gallery

  • pinching and pruning: maple, pine, cryptomeria, juniper, elm, and azalea
  • styling a trident maple
  • apprenticeship American style
  • gallery
  • restyling a black pine
  • approach grafting

  • maple ramification
  • gallery of masterpieces
  • broom style zelkova
  • minimizing pruning scars
  • juniper ramification
  • index 1-10
  • selecting the first branch
  • beech care and refinement

  • shohin cascade pine
  • gallery of masterpieces
  • shohin bosai from seed
  • kimura styles a spruce
  • field growing
  • classic bonsai pots
  • growing bonsai from seed: pine, zelkova, maple and beech

  • branch refinement
  • nick lenz styles a white cedar
  • recognizing and treating root rot
  • shinji suzuki
  • gallery of masterpieces
  • bonsai for beginners

  • grafting techniques
  • stewartia care and training
  • training a false cypress
  • root over rock shohin
  • gallery of masterpieces
  • bonsai on a balcony

  • pines and maples: a study
  • gallery of masterpieces
  • boston ivy
  • styling a black pine
  • classic bonsai pots
  • trident maple history
  • kimura style a white pine
  • developing Japanese maples